Welcome to the Customer Service guide, which is becoming one of the UK’s fastest growing business directories. As an independent organisation, we strive to provide the very best in customer service for our clients. It may be that you are looking to increase the profile of your business and looking to have your business list in the Customer Service Guide. Or, you may be looking for a business service in your local area and require their contact details. You can do both those things and much more on the all new Customer Service Guide website.

Finding a Business on the Customer Service Guide

You may have visited the Customer Service Guide today in order to find a business in your local area. If this is the case we can help get you started with finding the service that you are looking for. Customers use our guide to search for all sorts of businesses across the UK. It may be that you are looking for a florist in Shrewsbury in order to buy a loved one some flowers! Or perhaps you have a problem with you car and need to find a mechanic in Edinburgh! Or maybe you are looking for a kitchen fitter in Cardiff. Every type of business is listed on the Customer Service Guide and the numbers listed with us is increasing every single day. We also check to ensure that every business that is listed on the Customer Service Guide is genuine. Therefore you can be assured that you can trust the services offered by the guide. Perhaps it is time for tea and you are looking for a pizza home delivery service in Kensington!

You can get started searching for a business using the search box. Just in put the type of business and the area that you require to find the service in. For example you may want to search for ‘Mechanic Edinburgh’ to get your car fixed. Searching for this phrase will then bring up a list of Edinburgh mechanics allowing you to contact them at your convenience. We take the hard work out of finding an appropriate local business to help you with your business needs in your local area. Don’t forget our directory covers businesses all over the UK.

Get your business listed in the Customer Service Guide!

If your business is not currently listed in the Customer Service Guide then we want to hear from you! We are committed to increasing UK’s businesses online presence. This will help to increase your business activity and you will benefit from being included in appropriate search results when our customers search for a similar business to yours on our website. The Customer Service Guide is quickly establishing itself as an important choice for customers looking to find a local business for their service needs. We are committed to offering excellent customer service for both our businesses and our customers. Let us work with you to increase your presence online and increase your profits.

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